Keynote Keller University 2021

Michael Bonner June 8th 9:00

Seen on The Ellen Show and NBC Nightly News, educator, speaker, and author Michael Bonner has taken to more than 100 education conference, school district meeting and leadership development stages across the U.S. & Canada to share his "lessons learned" from teaching in a Title I school with children that experience high levels of trauma and adverse situations. His candid, enthusiastic seminars challenge listeners to create diverse, inclusive education plans "where students can see themselves within the lessons and assessments" as a means to increase student success rates. He empowers his audiences to build genuine relationships with their students because "you can't demand a withdrawal from someone you have never invested in."

Administrators and educators alike leave Mr. Bonner's presence ready to make an impact that affects eternity. Mr. Bonner is consistently seen as a visionary leader who strives to create a positive mindset among all of his students. His students come to class each day with diverse backgrounds, strengths, needs, and challenges. Therefore, he identifies strategies to ensure their growth socially, emotionally, academically, and psychologically. Due to his educational approach, students leave more hopeful, challenged, inspired, and forever a part of Bonnerville.

Today, Mr. Bonner lives in Atlanta, Ga. where he is beginning a new educational journey as a fourth and sixth grade English teacher at the famed Ron Clark Academy. You can learn more about Michael Bonner at and follow him on Instagram at @michaelbonner_

Amanda Bigbee & Kim Blann June 9th 9:00

Amanda and Kim are ride-or-die friends who also do Keller ISD comedy shows that pass for professional development. Amanda has been a lawyer since 2002 and Keller ISD's General Counsel since 2008. Kim has been an educator for 18 years, and has been the Director of Fine Arts since 2012. Kim and Amanda have presented a series of leadership trainings that span topics from conflict management to boundary setting. This team also conducted a Please Don't Live session at KU 2020 which is clearly a career-high for both of them. Amanda and Kim are thrilled to bring you a Please Don't keynote that we think will keep you entertained (and if you aren't entertained they are still happy that they had an excuse to work on a project together).